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Manuel Vidaurre

CTO Founder

Mexican developer, writer and salesman. Committed for creating a world with more and better opportunities. Born in Guadalajara, Mexico, Peruvian father, Spaniard descendent mother. Raised as an autodidact with hunger for knowledge, graduated from the University of Guadalajara in Informatics, worked there for almost seven years, teaching, developing, administrating systems. Worked in a United Nations Agency in Washington DC as Regional Adviser for Public Health Information Systems traveling to five continents and almost 40 different countries, studied in Johns Hopkins University and Harvard University. Managed and delivered projects for countries and regional technical cooperation; after almost eight years of hard work, burned out by politics and internal battles returns six years ago to GDL, Mexico as an entrepreneur in a consultancy company and in a real estate company. Father of a twenty something old boy/man and lover of his unique and splendid partner for life and wife. Gourmet, avid reader, well versed and candid companion, sometimes ;-)

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