Participants in Guadalajara

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I eat code for breakfast.

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Let's talk about:


Hugo De la cruz

ABAP Developer

ABAP Developer by profession, love Functional Programming (Haskell/Clojure), Free/OpenSource Software, Linux.

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Haskell, Web Development, Clojure, Linux

Javier Cervantes Ponce

Software Craftsman @ The Hybrid Group

Human being in the search of creating bridges between people and ideas. Solving problems with or without software is my passion.

I participate in Inspira creating a culture based on happiness, freedom, knowledge, respect and love. I like to share and collaborate. I started RubyGDL community a couple of year ago and I like participating in other events too.

Also I like to read novels, write poems, practice KungFu, travel around the world, biking and dogs.

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Software, Agile, Innovation, Life, Humans, Robots, Craftsmanship, KungFu

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Josue David Hernandez

Software Developer

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C++, C, Ruby, Perl, PHP, Python

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Mexican developer, writer and salesman. Committed for creating a world with more and better opportunities. Born in Guadalajara, Mexico, Peruvian father, Spaniard descendent mother. Raised as an autodidact with hunger for knowledge, graduated from the University of Guadalajara in Informatics, worked there for almost seven years, teaching, developing, administrating systems. Worked in a United Nations Agency in Washington DC as Regional Adviser for Public... [keep reading]

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:passions = {:software, :people, :value} :skills = {:agile_bdd, :patterns,... [keep reading]

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Patricio Páez

Customization Services Engineer at HP Guadalajara

Let's talk about:

Python 3, Free/Open source software, GNU/Linux, Debian

Renich Bon Ciric

FOSS Consultant & Creative Commons Musician

I am a Free and Open Source Software consultant.

My specialities are:
- Systems Administration
- Security
- Virtualization
- Networking

I, also, know how to program in Ruby, PHP and a little bit of Python. I dislike the term: DevOp; so I won't use it; even, though, I am aware of the Scrum and Lean paradigms.

Among other things, I am a Fedora Packager. I love it's community and profess our philosophy.

Let's talk about:

GNU & Linux Fedora Virtualization Networking Systems... [keep reading]

Juan Uribe


Santa Barbara CA

Let's talk about:

software engineering, building things